The Mountain Pine Ridge and Caracol area of Belize is a prime bird watching destination and Hidden Valley Inn offers birding tours to view the many species of rare birds. Highlights for birders from all over the world include King Vulture, Stygian Owl, Laughing Falcon, Grace's Warbler, Lovely Cotinga and Tody Motmot. The Big Falls is located near Punta Gorda, southern Belize. Although the town bears a Spanish name, its inhabitants are mostly English-speaking, primarily of Garifuna, East Indian, and Kriol descent. It was settled by a number of Garifuna emigrants from Honduras in 1823. Activitie.... more details


Hike through jungle, swim into a cave, crawl through tunnels and passageways to a well preserved Maya site Enjoy activities that include canoeing through caves, scuba diving, fishing, horseback riding, zip lining and hiking.Stay at stellar properties – a five-star rain-forest resort and a small, luxurious beachfront hotel owned by the celebrated couple, Francis and Eleanor Coppola. Opt to visit Guatemala’s Tikal, or explore Monkey River by boat..... more details


Honeymoon packages for all budgets.Featuring The Big Falls, Turtle Inn, Chaa Creek, Kaana, Las Terrazas Whether you choose a jungle adventure or beach stay or combination we can create that special package.Beach vacations on Ambergris Caye: This is the largest island in Belize, and San Pedro is the only town on the island. Ambergris Caye has been the hub of Belizean area maritime trade for centuries. Historically, fishing, coconuts and chicle have been the main stays of the economy. The history of the island goes back to the Maya, when Ambergris Caye was a trading post. The reef is only a .... more details

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