One can no more visit Brazil in one trip than visit the United States in one trip. To whet your appetite for more, here are seven days of Brazil tours for the traveler with a tight schedule. Your Brazil travel starts in Rio de Janeiro, a sophisticated metropolis of cultural riches, divine cuisine and beautiful white sand beaches. You’ll visit the city’s most famous landmarks by day, spending your evenings living it up and Brazilian style. Then you’ll spend three days on the sublime Costa Verde where the country’s most beautiful beaches are located, in and around the picturesque town of Paraty..... more details


Rio de Janeiro - Bonito - Pantanal These Brazil tours are filled with one-of-a-kind nature adventures starting in the magnificent seaside setting of cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro. You’ll spend enough time here to experience what makes this city famous, its white sand beaches, cuisine, cultural heritage and a vibrant nightlife. Then you’ll trade these urbane pleasures for Mother Nature, spending three days along the Costa Verde where Brazil’s most beautiful beaches are located. In and around the picturesque town of Paraty, waterfalls and gorgeous white sand beaches are a stunning backdrop for yo.... more details


This Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Florianopolis There is water, water everywhere on these Brazil tours where you’ll relax, be energized and awed by some of the country’s most visually stunning sights. The Brazil travel kicks off with three memorable days in Rio de Janeiro, where you’ll experience the grandeur and glamour that make it one of the world’s greatest cities, visiting its most famous landmarks by day and living it up by night in this cosmopolitan destination. With waves rivaling the Hawaiian Islands, the paradise of Florianopolis is an exotic region on the south coast with a laid.... more details


This Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls  Visiting Brazil in one trip is like visiting the United States in one trip—impossible. For the traveler with a tight schedule, we’ve paired two of the country’s most dazzling experiences in a short but sweet six-day Brazil tour. In three glorious days, you’ll experience the grandeur and the glitz that make Rio de Janeiro so fascinating to visit. You’ll tour the city’s most famous landmarks and get a taste of its cosmopolitan nightlife, spending enough time there to understand why Rio de Janeiro so richly deserves its glamorous reputation. Then take in .... more details

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