Come join us on this little gem of a tour, 6 days in Jordan. Start your tour in Amman the capital city, Known in history as Rabat - Amman and in Greco Roman times as Philadelphia !! Visit the Temple of Hercules, and a museum with artifacts dating back to the earliest settlement in the region some 700,000 years ago. Continue to Jarash, a city. dating back more than 6.500 years , and one of the best preserved Roman provincial towns in the world, Next visit Madaba & MT. Nebo. Along the wasy is Madaba, "The City of Mosaics" and then to the west is Mount Nebo. Continue to Karak the ancie.... more details


Travel with Journey the Globe around a world of history nestled between the Pharaohs and Hashemite lands. Feel the greatness of the ancient kingdoms and experience their existence. An 11 days historical journey that will take you through different historical eras! Treat yourself for a life-time around Egypt and Jordan: Two glorious countries filled with treasures that have been preserved for centuries, reflecting the power of their civilizations..... more details

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