This 9 night tour of TURKEY is as comprehensive and educational a tour of a country that any traveler would be happy to go on. Start you trip in Istanbul, Enjoy the Hippodrome Square, Hagia Sophia Museum, the Blue Mosque, the Royal Topkapi Palace and the ubiquitous historical Grand Bazaar. Then on to Ankara and Cappadoccia, with the most unusual spaceland, the fairy chimneys, troglodyte dwellings and underground cities built by Christians in 7th century. Including the underground city of Kaymakli. Also included in the trip are Pamukkale and Konya, the ancient city of Hierapolis, and Aphrodisi.... more details


Discover Turkish treasures on a trip that packs in Ottoman Istanbul, ancient ruins, fine Mediterranean beaches, whirling dervishes and stunning Cappadocia. And finally on Turkey's spectacular Mediterranean coast for a memorable 3 night gullet cruise, dropping anchor at small islands, inlets and bays for sunning, swimming and relaxation. A unique archaeological cruise along the stunning Carian coast in Turkey. Sail aboard a deluxe gullet and observe some of the world's ancient wonders with an opportunity to visit some of the largest and best preserved ancient Greek and Roman cities in the world.... more details


Discover the Old city in Istanbul, walk through history in Ephesus, visit the "cotton cascades" in Pamukkale...This turkey vacation package itinerary is designed for travelers who don't want to miss any important site when travel to Turkey, but has limited time to do so. With this tour you will see astonishing places of Turkey, visit traditional cities, have a tour of Istanbul, see old ruins of monuments, take an excursion to the Hippodrome and visit the Topkapi Palace. This is a real Turkish delight leisure trip through Western Turkey and the antique cities that sit along the shores of the Ae.... more details

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