Chukka Caribbean Adventure
Canopy Tour
Come back to nature and experience it as it should be experienced. Your journey through nature will be via a series of decks and platforms, connected by traverses, mounted in the trees of the rain-forest. We begin with the complete safety briefing and demonstration of techniques conducted by our certified canopy specialist guides who will stay with you throughout your adventure. Flying through our Caribbean Forests filled with incredible indigenous foliage allows you to experience nature at its best! This amazing experience of gliding silently through a tunnel of trees is the closest guests will ever feel like to be a jungle bird and can be found nowhere else in Jamaica. This is a must see, must do tour, on every Jamaican vacation. 
Tour Facts: Duration: 2 hrs & 15 mins Minimum Age: 10 Yrs & Older Weight Limit: 250lbs What to bring: Sneakers Cash Mosquito repellant provided Not optional for pregnant women Every Day: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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